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Trans Tuner KitsTM

A better way of shifting gearssm


Valve body kits and Shift improvement kits

For The "Trans Tuner"TM

6th Edition Software has been released - call for upgrade


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This is the Steve Younger Web site. This site is for the transmission rebuilding professional. It has been used to provide the parts and technical information that rebuilders have relied on for over 45 years.
In the 1980's Steve introduced full time lube systems to the rebuilders. This saved more C-6 tranny's than all other things combined. In 1990 full time lube tech for the E4OD was released and brought the teaching of high pressure
limp modes, there to stop tranny failures but actually caused geartrain failures by closing the pressure regulator valve and stopping lube flow.

These were innovations Steve created and is the level of quality typical in the RatioTek software. Version 6th edition is now available.
Use the phone numbers provided to order software or to sign up on the telephone technical hot line service.

All Trans Tuner Kits/valve body kits, must be ordered through the distributors listed on this site.


The following are Trademarks, Service Marks or Registered Trade Marks of Transcel Inc. / Steve Younger / RatioTek. 

Trans Tuner Kitstm

Trans Tunertm


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